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 Self Improvement Boutique was founded by Dr. Therese WARD to crown 15 years of experience and research in human improvement domain.

At Self  Improvement Boutique, we are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and resources to assess, evaluate and treat every suffering and psychological  disorder and enhancing perseverance, challenge, productivity and excellence in whom seeking them.

Dr. Therese WARD

Dr. WARD holds:

  •   Ph.D.  in Clinical Psychology – Université de Paris 13 – Paris,
  • Master Degree in Psychology – Lebanese University – Beirut,
  • BS in Business Administration – Université Saint Joseph – Beirut,
  • Diploma of « Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist » – Beyrouth,
  • Diploma of « Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Professional Trainer » – Beyrouth,
  • Certificate of « Eriksonian Hypnotherapist » – Paris,
  • Certificate of « Projective Techniques – Rorschach/TAT Analyzing » Expert – Universite Saint Joseph-Beyrouth,
  • Certificate of « Running  and analysis of the MMPI. RF. and the WAIS Tests » Expert – Universite Saint Joseph-Beyrouth.

Beside presiding Self Improvement Boutique, Dr. WARD is an Instructor at the Lebanese University and at the Balamand University since 2007.

The Articles Dr. WARD has published in Professional Journals are:

  • WARD T. 2006, Les Messages Véhiculés par les Prénoms des prisonniers politiques, in La Psychothérapie Aujourd’hui, Beirut, Society of Practitioners in Psychotherapy  and  Consultants (SPC), New Printing Press, Volume 4.
  • WARD T. 2009, Le deuil chez les mères libanaises ayant des enfants disparus pendant les guerres du Liban, Beirut, Society of Practitioners in Psychotherapy  and  Consultants (SPC), New Printing Press, Volume 5.
  • WARD T. 2011, Deuil possible, Deuil impossible,Psy-Echo, Annales de psychologie, Beyrouth, USJ, Volume 27,  Années 2011.
  • WARD T. 2012, Le Deuil a l’aune des épreuves projectives, Psy-Echo, Annales de psychologie, Beyrouth, USJ, Volume 28,  Années 2012.

Dr. WARD is:

Ex-Member of the Executive Comity of « The Lebanese Syndicate of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts »

Member of « The Society of Practitioners in Psychotherapy and Consultants » (SPPC) – Lebanon

Member of « La Fédération Française de Psychothérapie » (FFDP) – France

Member of « Le réseau Européen des épreuves projectives »

Member of the « World Council of Psychotherapists »America.

Why the S…?

Improving the self, is a sinuous long way journey to go…starting with Acknowledging one’s weaknesses…  Facing them… Shaping them…  Improving them… till reaching the circle of perfection.

Why the circle ●…?

The circle symbolizes perfection and equality. There is nothing lower or higher, nor to the left or the right. Perfection is the thing we aim for.

Hitting the target goes through stretching up straightway to it.

Reaching the circle goes through stretching up straightway to it.

Why the I…?

The I symbolizes the straight way between departure and arrival…The straight way is the shorter. The straight way is the most efficient.

Why Boutique…?

Boutique reflects distinction and uniqueness.

Boutique unveils highly specialized and elite services.


Why enduring the pain? Why accepting the semi competence?
Why losing the time? Why losing the energy? Why not being on the top ?

Overcoming internal barriers. Standing up in a straight line. Touching perfection and success…

These are our targets… These are your targets…

Our mission is to help…Your mission is to make it happen.

Improve… straight away…!